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Dansko – The World’s Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes?

Dansko Professional Clogs for Nurses

They’re stylish, durable, and most of all comfortable. Most nurses love Dansko’s line of professional clogs. The brand boasts etched leather designs and the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Every aspect of these shoes focuses on quality.

But are these shoes right for you? We’ll break down what to look for with Dansko professional clogs for you to make an informed decision.


The Dansko line of nursing shoes uses European sizes. Some Americans may find the sizes confusing but the conversions are simple and plenty of online sites offer conversion charts so you can find your size.

Companies like Amazon allow costumers to return unworn shoes. You may want to consider ordering a couple of sizes to see which one works best for you.

Comfort is paramount for a nursing shoe. Keep the ones that fit and return the others. If you have wider feet, you may be used to ordering a larger size, but Dansko shoes have wider toes than standard shoes and you may be able to go down one size. You won’t find wide width shoes because Dansko shoes accommodate most feet.


The lining and soles are made of a durable polyurethane. That means the Dansko’s business end can withstand exposure to water and oil. Quality leather composes the shoe’s upper portion. The designs are beautiful, and some are reminiscent of fashionable scrubs. These shoes were made with nurses in mind. Every Dansko comes coated in a water-resistant coating, making spills easy to clean.


Danskos are designed for people with medium to high arches, so most people will find Danskos comfortable. The only exception might be individuals with flat feet. The Dansko’s thick platform creates a rocker effect. As a result, each step is relaxed, fluid, and nimble.

The large toe box allows for maximum comfort and even though the shoes are large and sturdy, they’re lightweight. You can walk in them all day or night and not feel like you’re moving cargo ships on your feet.


The wide and sturdy tooled clog can be worn on the slipperiest floors. The polyurethane soles provide plenty of traction and handle wet and dry conditions well.


Most nurses love Danskos for their comfort. Some even claim these shoes cured their plantar fasciatis, and others who used orthopedic inserts liked how Danskos worked well with them. Nurses work plenty of hours on their feet, so their feet tend to swell, but with the extra room in a Dansko clog’s toe box, many nurses didn’t notice their feet swelling in these shoes.

Danskos also come in many colors and designs. You want floral or graffiti patter? Dansko has that. Brown or pale pink etched leather? Yep. Dansko has the shoe for you. And each of these designs are available in Dansko’s high quality materials.

You may want to avoid hiking in a pair of Danskos. The company advises its shoe owners to stay away from large amounts of water and mud, but these clogs are great for inside and out. Water and other spills won’t seep through the thick coating. All you have to do if a smudge does occur is wipe it with a damp cloth. Care is simple and easy.

What’s not as easy is the cost of these clogs. Some nurses don’t like the $100+ price tag. True. The upfront cost is steep but Danskos are built to last several years. The same nurse could purchase several shoes of lesser quality over the lifespan of one pair of Danskos.

There are also some people who won’t like Dansko’s high arch. Some nurses complained of slight rubbing on the sides of their feet and these clogs were not designed for individuals with flat feet. These criticisms are few and sparse.

The final issue might be the style of the clog itself. The shoe’s relaxed backstay (the fabric that secures a shoe to the foot) can make the shoe clop and give the sensation that the shoe isn’t as securely on the foot as a shoe with a firmer backstay (like a tennis shoe). Traditional Danskos are clogs. If you prefer a shoe with a firmer backstay, you may want to look elsewhere. You will be in these shoes for half your week, so you’ll need a pair of shoes that’s best for you.

Still, many nurses swear by Danskos. Their style, comfort, and easy upkeep make them ideal nursing shoes for many people.

Here are a couple of our favorites…

Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

Dansko Travel Nursing Shoes
Comfort isn’t in question with this style of Dansko, except that the size conversion from European to American can be tricky. Others suggest that you should wear these and break them in as they have a different feel than other professional shoes. White clogs are also difficult to clean or prevent from getting dingy, but most customers who ordered black or other colored clogs didn’t report an issue.

At a price tag that ranges below $100, the Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog offers the best value and over 50% of customers give it 5 stars.

Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog



Dansko Travel Nursing Shoes


Oiled leather makes all the difference with this model. The clog maintains its original color and the leather doesn’t crack as easily. Issues with size conversion persist, but for the most part, customers love how the shoes feel. A few people complained how the shoe slips on their foot (it’s relaxed backstay for ease of slipping on the shoe). You may want to try on a pair first, but the Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog offers quality at a slightly elevated price tag to the Box Leather Clog.

A whopping 65% of customers rate them at 5 stars.


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