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What to Expect when Travel Nursing Aboard

We’re assuming you’ve read our piece on international travel nursing. Here’s a link to that post if you’d like to see what you should expect in a general sense. In this post, we’ll cover what you may encounter on a country by country basis.

The United States isn’t the only country experiencing a nursing shortage, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to travel as a nurse. But like hospitals and other medical facilities in the United States, you’ll have to have at least one year of nursing in the specialty you’re applying. They want you comfortable as a nurse, with the equipment, and the terminology.

Here are some of the hottest international travel nursing job markets, and what you can expect to see if you choose to work there.

The Middle East

You may not think of The Middle East when you first consider international travel nursing, but you should. They have top notch facilities, the pay’s better than most other countries, and you receive great benefits.

Most contracts range from 1-2 years, but if you’re there for two years, they’ll fly you home, free of charge, between your first and second year. Sometimes, your wages are tax free. So they pay you more money, and you don’t have to pay taxes on it. Talk about double dipping.


The pay isn’t as great. See our other blog on international travel nursing, but you get to see Australia. Most jobs require a two year commitment, and there are English language requirements. You can even apply for residency after your two year assignment, but there is a point system for Australian citizenship.


Canada has almost as many travel nursing opportunities as the United States, and they don’t take as long issuing work visas—usually a couple of months. You can also make comparable pay working as a nurse in Canada as you would in the States.


Most international travel nursing opportunities in Europe can be found in England and Ireland. Since many languages call European countries home (England, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany to name a few), you’ll most likely have a language requirement. Also, Europe rivals the United States with length of time it takes to get a work visa. You’ll probably wait a good 6-8 months.

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