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Top 10 Reasons to be a Travel Nurse

From our Complete Guide to Travel Nursing, here are the top ten reasons to be a travel nurse, by a current traveler, Tina Howell.

Hello, my name is Tina Howell and I am a travel nurse. You may be wondering what that is and why someone would want to do that! It’s a nurse who goes to different hospitals to work for 4-13 weeks at a time! There are multiple reasons to do that, but I will break it down to ten.

  1. I like going to different hospitals to work because it keeps you on your toes and your skills up to par.
  2. I like meeting new people from different regions to see the similarities and not just the differences!
  3. I like the challenge of sometimes not knowing what floor I will work on and being able to adapt to any situation.
  4. I like broadening my horizons and stepping outside my comfort zone and travel nursing sure does that!
  5. I like the ability to learn something new from each floor or place I go! Even us old dogs can learn new tricks!
  6. I like the ability to block my schedule each week to work with my family life! I travel 9 months of the year within driving distance of my home, block my days 3 in a row, then go home for the other 4. It’s a perfect system for me! The other 3 months of the year, I roam farther away from home and will make a vacation of the trip there and back! My husband is my navigator!
  7. I like the fact that since I’ve been traveling, I feel like I could work anywhere without any problem, I’ve worked in large hospitals and small hospitals and sizes in between.
  8. I like the pay packages and benefits. In comparison to a regular job near my home, the pay is better and benefits are available.
  9. I think one of the benefits of traveling is staying out of the politics of a place. I’m not into the gossip or cliques and being a traveler allows me to be the outsider who doesn’t get pulled into that mess.
  10. Another of my favorite things is to see the different scenery of this country. It is a beautiful country and I hope to see more of it before I’m through with my traveling career.

Those are some of the reasons I like to travel. There are drawbacks to it,as with any job, but the benefits out weigh those by far in my view. I have met some really wonderful people throughout my travels that I still keep in touch with! I think traveling works for me because it’s in my blood. My dad was Navy and we traveled until I was a junior in high school. After I graduated high school, I spent a few years in the military then met and married my husband who was in the Air Force for 20 years and we traveled! I suppose I will travel until I’m planted!


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