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Travel Nurses Make More Money

Many factors influence your decision when looking for a job, but let’s face it; pay has to be near the top or at the top of the list. And travel nurses make more money than their permanent placement counterparts. Travel nurses still get benefits (which vary from recruitment agency to recruitment agency), and they can receive overtime pay depending on how many hours a week they work just like full-time, permanent positions. But travel nurses gain the flexibility to choose their hours, specialty, and location of their job.

So, how much more do travel nurses make when compared with permanent position nurses? It can vary from location to location. Travel nursing agencies will adjust their salaries and allowances depending on cost of living in the surrounding area as well as other factors. But regardless of location and specialty, you can expect to make about $75,000 a year. This figure is based on a 48 hour work year and an average of $40 an hour. And if you’re wondering how much more money that amounts to when compared to a permanent position, it averages out to be about $10,000 more a year.

This figure doesn’t take into account travel pay, a housing stipend, overtime pay, and the fact that some hospitals will pay more for a particular specialty. You could earn upwards of 20% more as a travel nurse.

Plus, you get to travel. And who wouldn’t want to meet new people and see new places?

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