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Travel Nursing in Hawaii

Show of hands, who wants to be in Hawaii right now?

I think most of us raised our hands at that question. Many travel nurses want a position in Hawaii, but there are positions to be had there. We’ll show you what you’ll need to be a travel nurse in Hawaii.

Are There Jobs?

There isn’t a lot of turnover in Hawaii. As a result, new positions don’t open up as often as you’d like and you’ll have to leap on them as soon as they become available. This makes a position in Hawaii unlikely but not impossible.

You should also get all of your prerequisites out of the way (the little things like immunizations, certifications, and the like) so you’re able to leap on an opportunity as soon as possible. That means that you should meet all requirements for your nursing license in Hawaii sans paying for the license which leads us to our next point.

Nursing License

Like every other state, you’ll have to acquire a nursing license to practice in Hawaii. Currently, a license in Hawaii costs $180 for either a temporary or permanent license. Don’t worry. Most travel agencies will reimburse you the cost of one license per contract, but you will be out $180 before the reimbursement check gets there. If you’re interested in learning more about Hawaii’s nursing license process, you can contact the Hawaiian nursing licensure office at 808-586-300.

But Don’t Wait on Hawaii

Make sure you get a California nursing license as it’s the most densely populated state, has the most assignments, and is geographically close to Hawaii.

If you can get Hawaii on your first try, awesome and aloha. But if you need a round or two before you land on the beach, California gets you close to where you want to be.

You’ll Need a Car

Whether you rent a car with a fair monthly rate (Hertz and Enterprise usually offer cars for $600/month) or you purchase a beater car for your duration, you’ll need a way to get from where you’re living to where you’re working.

The major hospital is located in Wailuku and that’s the industrial side of the island. You’ll want to stay in either Kihei or Lahaina, which means you’ll need a car or you’ll need to pick up long-distant cycling. You can ship your own car (from California) and rent one while you wait for your car to arrive, and you could also rent a car for the days you plan to work or sight-see. This can be a hassle.

Regardless of which route you take, you’ll have to find out where you’re staying first. Where you wind up will dictate whether you rent a car, buy a car, ship your car or even bike.


It’s well established that most people in the Hawaiian medical community knows everyone else in the Hawaiian medical community. This can be a bit of a barrier. You may want to network with people who already of jobs – or have had jobs in good standing – in Hawaii.

While this isn’t a hard fast rule, if you’re serious about travel nursing in Hawaii, you may want to make some good connections. Ask around. See if anyone you’re currently working with has ever nursed in Hawaii. It couldn’t hurt to get a recommendation.

We’re sure travel nursing in Hawaii appeals to you. Let us know why in comments. We’ll cover more exotic places in which to travel nurse in future posts. Let us know of a place you’d like to learn more about.

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