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Travel Nursing in Arkansas

Discover the rugged terrains of one of the United States’ best kept secrets: Arkansas’ natural beauty. You can sail the Ozarks and explore its caverns, stop by America’s first national preserve, relaxing in Hot Springs National Park, and no trip to Arkansas is complete without stopping by the state capitol Little Rock with a quick stop by the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Arkansas has what you need to change your environment for the good and get back to nature.

There’s plenty to see and do in the Natural State but first, you’ll have to know how to become a travel nurse in Arkansas.


The Natural State is part of the NLC

The Natural State joined the NLC, naturally, and NLC stands for the Nurse Licensure Compact. The NLC functions as a multi-state nursing license. Having a nursing license in one of the NLC states means that you have a license that’ll work for the other 24 NLC states. This is great news for travel nurses as you only have to have one license to travel the country—or at least half of the country.

For more information about the NLC, log onto their website and make sure you qualify.

Arkansas also has its own website within the NCSBN (National Council of State Board of Nursing), so you can contact them if you have any further questions about what Arkansas expects from their travel nurses:

The NLC is great because you don’t need as much paperwork if you plan to move from Arkansas to another one of the other NLC states. That’s always a bonus for travel nurses.


All Specialties Needed but Experience a Must

Like many other states, Arkansas prefers its travel nurses to have some experience in addition to a prerequisite degree, but you’ll have plenty of options for employment with any specialty. However, the bulk of Arkansas’ travel nursing jobs rest in its capitol, Little Rock, but fortunately, Little Rock is centrally located in the state, so you could commute from plenty of other locales or explore the rest of the state with ease.


Cost of Living

One of the greatest things about Arkansas, besides the great sights and attractions, is that it has an incredibly low cost of living no matter where you end up. You can live like a queen – or king – with rates this good. A rating of 100 is the national average and as you can see, everywhere in Arkansas is well below the average.

Little Rock: 96.5

Hot Springs: 93.8

Fayetteville: 92.1

Jonesboro: 88.9

Conway: 86.6


The Weather

Arkansas weather is typically mild and pleasant, no matter what time of year you visit the Natural State. Beautiful scenic views await you with plenty of chances of adventure. Even so, Arkansas has four distinct, yet temperate, seasons, so you’ll enjoy each of the seasons within moderation. Spring and fall are mild with a few humid days, while winter sports cooler days and the heat gets cranked up a notch for summer.

Since Arkansas is in the middle of the country, its weather gets influenced from all directions, so you’ll see plenty of interesting weather patterns at times but nothing too severe to keep you from having fun.

If Arkansas’ natural beauty interests you and you have a little experience, the Natural State may be for you.


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