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Travel Nursing in Massachusetts

Travel Nursing in Massachusetts

Ah, the lovely Cape Cod and Boston Harbor beckon on the coast. The serene Pioneer Valley awaits you inland. And Boston is a first-rate city with all the amenities found in a great metropolitan area. For being such a small state in terms of size, Massachusetts packs a large punch. You can’t take two steps without finding a historic site, beautiful scenery, or adventure.

Let’s see what you can expect as travel nurse in Massachusetts.

Getting a License

A nursing license in Massachusetts has a $230 fee with another payment of $80 within one year of applying. Most of their requirements are standard, but they may have additional prerequisites for specific positions.

Here’s their site for more information:

Phone: (617)973-0800

Toll Free: (800)414-0168


Cost of Living

Let’s face it. It’s not cheap living in historic New England. Most of Massachusetts has a higher cost of living than the national average but some locations aren’t that far above the average. Let’s see how these cities compare to one another.

A rating of 100 is the national average for cost of living.

Cambridge: 183.0

Boston: 132.5

Lowell: 122.0

New Bedford: 115.0

Worcester: 105.0

Springfield: 100.6

Springfield almost has the national average, and you might be better off traveling to a smaller town than Boston, because the job market for nurses in Boston is difficult.


Boston proper has few if any jobs—this is always subject to change—but you don’t have to travel too far out of town to find a place of employment. The north shore area has some great medical facilities and they tend to have openings.

Apply to any type of facility that works with your specialty and with what you want to do as a nurse. Hospitals aren’t the only ones hiring. You could find employment for at-home care, at a clinic or some other facility. If you really want to work in the Boston area, don’t limit your job search to just hospitals.

If you just want to be in Massachusetts, the job search might be easier. Massachusetts is one of the most densely populated states in the country, so even smaller cities need nurses. But Massachusetts also requires or prefers nurses with four year degrees.

A Degree and/or a lot of Experience

A lot of states are transitioning to nurses with four year degrees or a lot of experience for hospital positions. You could still get a job with another kind of facility without one, but hospitals have switched to nurses with four year degrees and they prefer a fair amount of experience too.

It might take a while to find a position or you may have to alter your plans a bit, but you can find the travel nursing adventure of a lifetime in Massachusetts.


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