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Travel Nursing in New Mexico

You’ll find enchantment in New Mexico. With plenty of national parks, forests, and monuments, every day is an adventure, but its climate attracts numerous retirees, which means plenty of job opportunities for travel nurses. And yet, New Mexico is one of the least densely populated states. Most people live in one of several metropolitan areas. There’s plenty to explore so let’s cover some of the basics when travel nursing in the Land of Enchantment.

New Mexico, a part of the Nurse Licensure Compact

The Nurse Licensure Compact, or NLC, works like a multi-state nursing license. If you have a license in one of the 24 NLC states, you have a license for the other 23 NLC states. This is great news for travel nurses as you can hit the road with only one license.

For more information about the NLC, log onto their website and make sure you qualify.

New Mexico also has its own website, so you can contact them if you have any further questions about what New Mexico expects from their travel nurses:

Or you can call New Mexico’s licensure department at 505-841-8340.

The NLC is great because you don’t need as much paperwork if you plan to move from New Mexico to another one of the other NLC states. That’s always a bonus for travel nurses.

Experience Counts

While New Mexico does grant job opportunities for less experienced nurses, travel nurses with experience garner more per diem. They believe in clinical ladders. If you don’t have that much experience, certificates can help. Many facilities will pay more for a less experienced nurse with a certificate.

The Presbyterian Healthcare Services

The Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) is the megaton whale in New Mexico’s sea of healthcare. They’ll be your best bet at finding a position in the state.

Here’s there site:

They offer fine facilities and a variety employment opportunities.

Cost of Living

This is another area where New Mexico shines. The entire state has a low cost of living, but your money will go farther in some areas as opposed to others. The following is a list of popular metropolitan areas with their cost of living. A rating of 100 is the national average.

Los Alamos: 109.7

Las Cruces: 100.6

Albuquerque: 98.9

Farmington: 97.0

Roswell: 95.9

Carlsbad: 95.4

Rio Rancho: 95.1

Rio Rancho, which sports the lowest cost of living on this list, is a short commute to Albuquerque. Like many large cities, Albuquerque has some rough areas, but Rio Rancho has all the trappings of a suburbia.

The Weather

New Mexico has a semi-arid to arid climate, which is perfect for retirees. It’s also one of the mountain states, and if you find yourself in the foothills or the peaks, you’ll have less snowfall than other areas of the Rockies but it can still get cold.


New Mexico earns its nickname, The Land of Enchantment. Carlsbad Caverns is a must see. Roswell provides an outlet for alien enthusiasts—the truth is out there. And Santa Fe has the most eclectic architecture. These are just a sample of what awaits you in New Mexico.


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